GTKY (Getting to Know You)12715573_10205516218844469_3750899600490650688_n
This was the paper we filled out each year in our 4-H club.  My Grammie who was also my 4-H leader thought it important for us to get experience speaking in front of others. So we would take turns, one or two a meeting, and share what we had written down on our GTKY paper.  I always thought this to be a fairly simple exercise that I would fill out each year.  It asked the basic questions of our favorite color and food, who was in our family, who we admired, and what we wanted to do when we grow up, and so forth.  As I am attempting to do my “About” page I cannot help but be swept back to my childhood remembering this form.  Thinking about it now, I realize it wasn’t just a simple exercise, but a simple way my Grammie used to let everyone in the club know they had value, that she cared who they were, and that they were heard.  I’m sure there were several children in her club over the years that didn’t have many people in their lives who cared to ask the simple questions of what they like and what they dream to be.

The Name

So if you are here taking your time to read my “About” page, please know that I am honored.  It is not such a surprise that my page would start off with a memory of my precious grandmother.  I have always been encouraged by her and looked up to her, but since we lost her in August of 2015 I have gained new inspiration to live a life that is intentional, to give of who I am, and to lead by love. Her love for people and Jesus has seeped into my own heart and has given me the courage to write.  That is why there was no better fitting name for my blog than Lola’s Granddaughter.  I am so proud to be her granddaughter and I hope to honor her.

My FavoritesIMG_4630

I really am just an ordinary person, a wife of ten years and a mother to four kids.  Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about God entrusting me with these people in my life that create my family.  I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be even though I struggle with those defeating perfectionist tendencies. I am at the chaos stage of life raising a young family while trying to have a complete conversation with my husband once in a while.

What I Do

My days are spent feeding hungry children, wiping dirty tushies, giving and receiving lots of hugs, and guiding growing hearts.  I constantly battle Mt. Laundry while I look longingly at my growing book collection that is getting dustier every day.  12963625_10205875309541512_76534317515285082_nI run not because I like to but because I have to.  I run out my stress while gaining the endurance to keep up with our busy pace of life, and honestly I like the quiet, the only quiet I get.  I prefer the company of a close friend over the crowd at a party.  I love Jesus and fall daily into His grace while trying to serve Him with my whole heart.


Why I Write      

If anyone is familiar with the story of the woman at the well recorded in the Gospel of John, that is me, that is why I write.  I was that woman and her purpose is my purpose.

Many Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony, ‘He told me all that I ever did.’

John 4:39

I hope to simply share and encourage.  I’d like to think I am a student in this life and feel like I am constantly being taught. Usually I am a stubborn student and most of my lessons are hard and repetitive.  Transparency is something I strive to bring so that God can shine through my messy attempt at learning, and my journey through the chaos.


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